8 Ways to Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

Get insider tips on transforming your relationship with money and building your wealth.

In this transformational workbook, you'll discover:

  • How to have less stress and fewer disagreements with loved ones when it comes to money. 
  • Ways to clear the emotional clutter of limiting financial beliefs. 
  • How to adopting new money beliefs that lead to a more fulfilling and prosperous life. 
  • Gaining a clear understanding of why it is spiritually “okay” to be prosperous. 

About Leisa Peterson, MBA, CFP®

Leisa is a business strategist and money coach. She is pioneering a unique and powerful system that reveals the unconscious truths about people's relationship with money and how to stop limiting beliefs from diminishing one's potential. 

Leisa merges her wide breadth of money and financial understanding together with experiences of self-realization to help clients slow down, enjoy life way more and create wealth-filled lives that fulfill dreams. 

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