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Chakra Energizing for Abundance Meditation and Meditation Commentary

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The time is now to drop resistance, open your heart, heal your wounds and become open to the natural abundance of life.

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"Leisa! I had another A-HA while doing the Chakra Energizing meditation again… involving my mother and why I closed my heart through my mother’s programming. I literally felt my heart space open in a jolt that took my breath away. Wow! I can feel the shift! I can't thank you enough for this powerful meditation!"

About Leisa

Leisa Peterson is an entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and coach who inspires and influences people around the world to create a life of abundance. What is a life of true abundance anyway? Living an abundant life encompasses wholeness of joy and strength for mind, body, and soul. Before creating WealthClinic, Leisa spent 25 years working in personal finance and real estate development, while engaging in mindfulness practices, meditations, and instruction in her personal time. This inspired a connection between her experiences with mindfulness and her finance expertise, and she began developing practices to help people break free from lack and scarcity, in order to discover their wholeness. These practices focus on identification and release of self-defeating money fears and limiting beliefs.  

Leisa is the self-published author of seven short feature ebooks as well, with step-by-step guides to break free of money blocks, and master the inner game of wealth. Leisa recently completed her first full-length book, The Mindful Millionaire (to be publishedand available through St. Martin's Press in 2020), which features her iPROSPER® eight step process for creating financial wellness in your life.