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Chakra Energizing for Abundance Meditation and Meditation Commentary

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The time is now to drop resistance, open your heart, heal your wounds and become open to the natural abundance of life.

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"Leisa! I had another A-HA while doing the Chakra Energizing meditation again… involving my mother and why I closed my heart through my mother’s programming. I literally felt my heart space open in a jolt that took my breath away. Wow! I can feel the shift! I can't thank you enough for this powerful meditation!"

About Leisa

Leisa Peterson is a sought after speaker, author, podcaster, educator, and money coach who helps people get out of their own way when it comes to creating a life of abundance.  

She’s the founder of, the Art of Abundance podcast, the Infinite Abundance mindfulness project, the Mindful Millionaire Group Coaching Intensive, and maintains a thriving business and money coaching practice in Sedona, AZ.  

Leisa's new book, The Mindful Millionaire will be published by St Martin's Press in June 2020. She's a regular guest on podcasts, radio shows and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, Forbes, The Week and Huffington Post.  

Leisa combines her skills of being a long-time entrepreneur and money expert (CFP®, MBA in finance, 25-year career in finance) then mixes in mindfulness practices, and other mindset techniques to help clients break through their limiting money beliefs and creating lives of prosperity.