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The time is now to drop resistance, open your heart, heal your wounds and become open to the natural abundance of life.

What are others saying?

"Leisa! I had another A-HA while doing the Chakra Energizing meditation again… involving my mother and why I closed my heart through my mother’s programming. I literally felt my heart space open in a jolt that took my breath away. Wow! I can feel the shift! I can't thank you enough for this powerful meditation!"

About Leisa

Leisa Peterson, CFP® is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people elevate their financial consciousness by realizing their true value.

Forbes named Top 10 Women Driving Growth in Wealth Management and Investing.  

As a money coach, business consultant, author and spiritual teacher, Leisa host’s the Mindful Millionaire podcast as well as virtual workshops and life-transforming retreats. Her masterful blend of sound financial strategy and mindfulness training helps people break free of patterns of lack, scarcity and money fears, allowing them to finally lead the rewarding, fulfilling, and abundant lives they most desire.  

Leisa has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, Forbes, The Week, Huffington Post and has been featured on many podcasts and radio shows. Prior to starting WealthClinic®, LLC, Leisa worked with some of the largest financial and business services companies in the world including Wells Fargo, State Farm Insurance, UNUM Life Insurance, New York Life, Federal Express, Pitney Bowes, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors.  

A native of Northern California, Leisa lives in Flagstaff and Sedona, AZ with her husband and college sweetheart, Tim and their two children, Aidan and Zoe.  

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