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Get Chakra Abundance Activation for ONLY $27!

Leisa's Chakra Abundance Activation program provides you with everything you need to dive into activating your chakras for balance, harmony and prosperity with money and beyond.

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  • Unlimited access to a clear and concise prosperity-activation method you can put to use right away.
  • Leisa's Chakra Abundance Activation Meditation and commentary to guide you into greater understanding about chakra healing practices.
  • Leisa's IPROSPER® Diagnostic Wealth Map that breaks down each chakra so you can begin clearing out your lack-based money blocks.
  • 7 videos explaining how chakra imbalances affect your money and what to do differently going forward so you create more of what you most want.
  • BONUS Workshop: Money, Energy and Chakra Healing (An introduction to why chakras help you solve your money worries and challenges.)
  • BONUS Video: Create an Abundance Mindset Starting NOW!
  • BONUS ebook: Developing Your Intuition: 12 Practices for Better Inner Listening by Leisa Peterson
  • BONUS ebook: The Mindful Millionaire Success Path by Leisa Peterson
  • BONUS meditation: Removing Your Inner Money Thorn by Leisa Peterson
  • All the workshops and meditations are available to you in our specially-designed Thinkific education center that is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world!

Get Chakra Abundance Activation and Save $70!

I now finally have a permanent feeling of abundance and if I slip out of it, it is so much easier to release the "not enough" feeling and move back into abundance. I am confident that everything is getting better each and every day and I am going to be okay.

~Lori M.

Meet Leisa

Hello! I’m Leisa.  

I help people energetically AND practically break through their blocks to prosperity. This is my greatest passion and triumph.  

My husband and I became self-made millionaires in our mid-30’s after about 10 years of focused study and effort. We then spent the next several years learning how to hold onto our money after navigating the treacherous waters of real estate investing during the downturn of 2007-2009.

Noted in Forbes as one of 10 Women Driving Growth in Wealth Management and Investing, I've been teaching mindfulness practices for nearly 2 decades and since leaving my role as a CFP®/Financial Advisor, I’ve been teaching people how to use their experiences with money to, ultimately, find their truest “Self", create financial security for themselves, and along the way discover prosperity and joy in all aspects of life.  

This work goes deep and is designed to transform people’s lives in a matter of days and weeks rather than years and decades.  

My book, "The Mindful Millionaire" was published in 2020 by St. Martin's press and it has allowed me to reach so many more people. I share the work I've been doing for over 30 years so passionately because I know it helps people change their lives in magical ways!

I hope you join us inside the Chakra Abundance Program as I know it can help you in ways beyond what you probably imagine possible.

Get Chakra Abundance Activation for only $27 and Save $70

"I have known what the chakras are about—their particular character, color, what they represent—and I have studied them over the years; however, I've never delved so completely into them. The amazing thing to me was that as old patterns and fears were listened to, and released, the chakras all began working together, supporting each other. The separateness of each that I'd always felt and thought to be standard, became cooperation. Even in Joe Dispenza's work I hadn't dropped so deeply within each chakra and experienced them working as a team, as I've done through Leisa's meditations.

This was and is, for me, groundbreaking. So now that the weeks' lessons are completed, I use the meditations to continue the connection, and work with whatever comes up. Now I'm moving forward in my life with the inner self-support I've craved (who knew that's what I'd longed for).

Leisa's way of working is gentle and profound. She is of service to the Greater Good without fanfare, bells and whistles; rather, she is simply and genuinely an angel of divine authenticity. I am grateful."

-Anne Fox

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