Ready to rid yourself of lack and scarcity ways of thinking?

Infinite Abundance Mindfulness Project

A 30 day scarcity cleanse that's designed to sweep away the chaos and awaken your abundance.

I'm Ready For Abundance

Do you ever....

  • Feel overwhelmed by your current financial situation?
  • Want to save more money but not sure how to get started?
  • Feel stuck in debt?
  • Feel scared of having more?
  • Think of money as the root of all evil?
  • Feel confused by all the conflicting information you see about financial freedom and abundance?

You're in the right place, my friend

Hello! I’m Leisa.  

I help people break through their blocks to prosperity. This is my greatest passion and triumph.  

I’ve done this for myself in two ways:

1. Walking the path to falling deeply in love with myself after years of self-criticism and self-doubt, 

2. By becoming a Mindful Millionaire™ — which I define as someone who feels like a million bucks because you know you can create whatever you want for yourself financially.

My husband and I became self-made millionaires in our mid-30’s after about 10 years of focused study and effort. We then spent the next several years figuring out how to hold onto our money after navigating the treacherous waters of real estate investing during the downturn of 2007-2009. I can happily share that not only did we keep the money, we’ve gone onto to becoming better stewards of it while continuing to grow our wealth ever since.  

Since leaving my role as a CFP®/Financial Advisor, I’ve been teaching people how to use their experiences with money to, ultimately, find their truest “Self", create financial security for themselves, and along the way discover prosperity and joy in all aspects of life.  

This work goes deep and is designed to transform people’s lives in a matter of days and weeks rather than years and decades.  

The solution you've been seeking...

Join me as I guide you through the meaning of wealth, abundance and prosperity, from a thought into real experience by sharing the ancient secrets, tips, and techniques I've been privy to for nearly two decades -- after working with enlightened masters and empowered intuitives representing almost every tradition, culture and walk of life. 

I draw from these time-tested and proven traditions and then walk you down the path to finding a lasting state of prosperity. Sharing ways to become a manifestor for greater fulfillment and wealth.  

Participating in the project helps you clear away the stale and stuck energies that keep you in a financial 'holding pattern,' and sweeps away the obstacles that prevent you from attracting the joy and satisfaction that is your birthright. 

Instead of just wishing for wealth, it's time to create the financial confidence you dream about by:

  •  Reclaiming your power without needing to control, grasp and force outcomes
  •  Releasing the fear brought on by financial instabilities
  •  Shaking off disappointments from past money mistakes 
  •  Shifting from being fearful to feeling worthy of money
  •  Creating a practical plan for improving your bottom line
  •  Creating an environment that draws money towards you and amplifies opportunity
  •  Increasing your intuitive abilities you're able to manifest your own joy, freedom and abundance.

Yes! I'm Ready!

What if life could be so much easier?  

And way more fun?  

What if you had the ability to control your own abundance?  

Deep inside, there’s a voice that knows it's possible... Yet right now you're living with fears that tell you otherwise. And, those fears manifests in so many ways. Very often, you feel it as persistent worry.  

You're worried about not having enough and not being enough. No matter how much you have or don't have, the feeling never leaves you. It’s like every waking hour is another drip in the stress and anxiety bucket.  

You lie awake trying to come up with solutions to problems that may not ever materialize.  


You wonder if by following your dreams, you are setting yourself back financially.  


Maybe your dreams are just too big and you are fooling yourself about creating greater abundance for yourself and your family in the future.  

Drip...drip...drip...will it ever stop?!  

Short answer, yes. But, you need to DO something to turn the drip of worry into the splash of joy.  

There is another way.  

What if you could stop the incessant drip? What if you could just be at peace?  

What if you could look at your bank accounts and instead of feeling fear, shame or guilt, you’d feel peace and contentment.  

What if when things don't go as planned you no longer worry about losing everything, but rather have complete faith they'll be okay.  

Imagine what it will feel like to get out of your own way and start taking massive action. Confidently knowing you are on the right track and that you are more than enough. That you are okay and that the universe has your back. That all that energy consumed by worry can be turned loose on flourishing.  

It all starts by learning how to release the inner forces that keep you blocked and from your full potential.  

Once you commit to changing your course of direction, what seemed out of reach begins to materialize.  

It is that simple.  

Then all you need is a system that leads to an opening of the heart, mind and body so you can make the most of the limitless possibilities that life offers.  

Infinite Abundance was created with this in mind. It merges 1000's of years of intellectual and spiritual discoveries -- joining the East with the West and the Masculine with the Feminine to create a pathway to wholeness and resolution -- so you can take charge of your money and at the same time realize your own natural state of abundance.

"Just needed to send you a quick note to express my awe and appreciation. These meditations are uncovering many (I want to say “a tonne”) of limiting beliefs. I especially love the technique of “remember a time when you didn’t have that belief and pause and think about that moment and feel the joy and love” Thank God, I do have moments to return to when I did not have those limiting beliefs.  

I do believe a shift is occurring in me already thanks to your Infinite Abundance program. I also know that I’ll need to go through these meditations over and over to uncover more limiting beliefs - but, who knows, maybe not because a LOT are being discovered! The technique of remembering and feeling a time without those negative and limiting beliefs is magical! All of it is! Thank you, Leisa" ~ Robin

What's inside Infinite Abundance?

Simply put, Infinite Abundance will take you from Scarcity to Prosperity by giving you a key for each one of the 7 scarcity blocks. 

Clearing the Way to Receive Abundance which is followed by 7 days of chakra cleansing meditations that activate and energetically infuse your intentions so that you release your money blocks, obstacles and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in scarcity ways of being.  

Creating a Safe Space for Your Soul (and Your Money) which is followed by 7 daily meditations and journaling exercises that help you reprogram your subconscious blueprint so that you feel a greater sense of safety, worthiness, empowerment, love, trust, knowingness and finally, abundance.

Awakening to Soul-FULL Expansion which is followed by 7 daily meditations that activate new possibilities and reconnect you with your higher self. This week is about experiencing expansion at the highest level of your being -- noticing who you are and why you are here in a bigger, brighter and more authentic way.

Love, Money and Creating What you Most Want which is followed by 7 daily chakra meditations and journaling exercises that awaken the potential hidden within -- so you can design your life and money exactly the way you want them to be and know what to do next to bring your dreams into reality. Finale empowers you to move forward from a state of abundance... feeling more calm and confident about your financial future than ever before.  

By gaining access to the Infinite Abundance Mindfulness Project, you'll receive...  

  • Daily emails with meditations and inspirations sent via email. May be repeated again and again to deepen your practice, understanding and breakthroughs. (Value $197)  
  • Ongoing access to 5 - 60 minute workshops that introduce the weekly activities. You'll also have Audio (.mp3) and Transcripts for the sessions. (Value $197)  
  • Infinite Abundance Journal -- so you can keep track of your progress and daily breakthroughs.  
  • Access to library with 20+ hours of additional money mindset live training videos. ($297 Value)  
  • Handouts, cheat sheets, guest speaker trainings and other workshops that guide you through using tools like EFT to remove your money blocks!  
  • 30+ additional guided meditations created by me to help you solidify your practice and have easy access to just the right meditation when you need it.
I'm ready!

Here's what some of my students are saying

But wait! There's more...

You'll receive access to two additional "Advanced" Infinite Abundance workshops!

Bonus #1 -- Identifying Your Money Shadows Workshop During this 90 minute workshop (recorded), you'll learn how to identify and heal your money shadows so they no longer wreck havoc with your finances. Shadows can show up in different ways, through tension in your body, inner criticism and disappointment. Being able to create harmony within your light and dark aspects leads to an improvement in your relationship with money and other areas of life. ($297 value)  

Bonus #2 -- Infinite Healing Method and Money Breakthrough Workshop During this deep dive introductory workshop (recorded), you'll learn the 6 Step Process to Breaking Through Your Money Blocks. This practice has been used for helping 100's of people improve their relationship with money and includes a worksheet that guides you through the process and can be used again and again! Great for coaches, healers and therapists interested in integrating this type of work into their own practice. ($297 value)

These two workshops alone are worth the price of the entire program.  

I love Infinite Abundance! I am noticing new attitudes and behaviors around asking for what I deserve and what I am worth. I am being more present about being paid for what I do and how much I'm being paid. THANK YOU for this amazing program! ~Barbara

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Your life can drastically change once you experience the power of Infinite Abundance.  

Take the next 30 days to allow the Infinite Abundance process to prove itself to you.  

If for any reason you feel it doesn’t live up to your expectations, simply send an email to and you'll be issued you a full refund…no questions asked.  

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