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Program Application - January 2023

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I'm Leisa Peterson, I’m a business strategist, money expert and mindset mentor who specializes in passive income and business models.

Let’s get real. When I first started to look at joining a mastermind several years ago now, I didn’t really understand the appeal.

Of course it’s nice to have a network of people who you can chat business to, go on nice retreats and learn a thing or two but is it really worth it?

I honestly thought it was just an expensive activity... I didn't understand.

Well, little did I know how much being in masterminds would revolutionize my business. And that’s what I wanted to bring to my own masterminds.

A place where connection is everything, where collaborations happen, referrals, learning together with people you know will have your back.

Where mindset and strategy work is the baseline but where real results come from the growth of YOU. As a person, as a partner, as an employer.


Because when you grow as a person, your business will see the results of that.


And I’m not going to pretend it’s all easy and fun either.

Sure lots of it will be but I’ve also seen how hard it can be doing the work on yourself to become really clear about who you are and where you’re going; stripping it right back to make sure you’re growing the business and life you actually want and not just one you fell into. 


So many of our mastermind clients come in feeling like they’ve been winging it a bit but realizing that to get to higher levels they need to become the CEO of their business, grow a team that makes rather than costs money and design things in a way that supports the life they really want to have. 


And that’s where the mastermind comes in.

We’re your support team to help you get there.


You won’t feel like you’re doing things alone any more.


It’s telling that so many people are rejoining IPROSPER year after year.


That’s what I hoped would happen because it means they’ve found a place they know they belong. Maybe you belong too?

IPROSPER® FOUNDATIONS Business and Money is the missing link you need to scale your business

A Community

We are the result of the people who we surround ourselves with. This experience gives you the opportunity to lean into other empathic entrepreneurs with differing expertise who are focused on growth. These are the folks you want in your corner of life!


The opportunity to work together in person to create connections and work on your business rather than in it. All in the height of personal transformation found in Sedona, AZ. The hidden gold in your business will always be found in intimate discussions and playful experiences.

Training Vault

You will have access to a vast array of business, marketing, sales and money trainings in your online portal - hundreds of classes as well as live trainings from the best in their field.


Coaching to support your wellbeing, your money management and your business. You will have access to the very best experts in mindset, sales, accountability, because with these solid foundations you are building something sustainable and secure for your future.