What is the IPROSPER® Business and Money Advisory Mastermind?

A 12-month virtual business accelerator and money advisory mastermind with experienced mentorship, results-driven accountability, personalized coaching support, training on-demand, along with a community of heart-centered, ambitious coaches, and professional advisors.

It's designed to help you create the winning formula for your virtual service-based business where you can break through barriers, find and attract your ideal clients, grow your profit, and achieve the results you desire.

  • Get tools and strategies you can use to grow your business by 100% and increase your profitability by 50% within the next 12 months.
  • Understand the critical factors that are impacting your business right now so build momentum and maximize success.
  • How to apply reverse engineering frameworks to achieve your targets in pricing strategy, client attraction, sales, networking, community building and so much more.
  • Cash flow management tips, tools and strategies to ensure you're focusing on your money and maximizing your profits.
  • Ramp up every aspect of your marketing with innovations that will reshape the landscape of your business. 
  • Ways to use mindfulness practices, spiritual teachings, and self-realization techniques to ensure your core values are integrated into all aspects of your life and business.
  • And, most important aspect of all...
  • You'll receive hands-on guidance and assistance every step of the way from our team of experienced coaches who will help you develop and implement the strategies you are learning into your business.

What's the main content of the IPROSPER® program?

We explore and assist you in the development of these three aspects to your business:

  • The Foundation for Your Business (mindset, beliefs, financial vision)
  • The Strategy for Your Business (structure, ideal client, research, and lead generation and sales strategies to attract them)
  • The Execution for Your Business (action you take each day to achieve your goals)

The IPROSPER Framework is divided into 8 Core Modules:

75-min Initial Strategic Business Assessment with Leisa Peterson

One Monthly Online Mindset and Mindfulness Group Session

So many special bonuses!

Two Weekly Strategy Coaching Group Sessions

Your Own Accountability Coach

Monthly Sedona Experience Retreat with healing practitioners

One Weekly Online Marketing and Implementation Group Session

Module Trainings - Audios, Videos, Transcripts, Templates, Swipe Files, and More

Private Facebook forum and Google Group for idea sharing and networking



Entrepreneurial Mastermind - Connect and collaborate with a community of successful and soul-led leaders who want to make an impact and leave a legacy.

Online Course Creator Applications - Explore and evaluate online course creator and all-in-one-application solutions for running your business.

Thought Leadership Workshop (Recorded Jan 2020) -- 2- 2 hour training workshops plus 2 hour implementation workshop.

Human Design Training -- 2 hour Introductory workshop to discuss human design patterns and how they affect business management including sales, marketing, creation, and connecting with your clients at the level of their decision making.

Facebook, YouTube, and Podcasting Tutorials


Infinite Abundance Program ($197 value) -- 28 daily meditations and journaling practice

Financially Free ($97 value) -- 21 daily meditations and journaling practice

Meditation Bundle ($27 value) -- 20+ guided centering and balancing meditations

Guest Speakers -- Topics include video storytelling, audio/podcasting, instagram sales, copywriting, and high ticket selling, live launches, and much more.

The Mindful Millionaire Collective Membership ($1,997 value) -- A membership for like-minded people who wish to build wealth by improving their relationship with money, dropping away fear, guilt and shame and stepping into their fullest and most prosperous self.

Gift Box with all sorts of fun goodies hand picked just for you (US and Canada residents Only)

The program offers over 240+ hours of live coaching and training sessions over duration of the program so no question is ever left unanswered or unresolved.

Very Special Limited Time Pricing Available for group starting in December 2020. Book a call with Leisa to learn more.


  • You're heart-centered, ambitious and self-employed in a coaching, advisory and/or professional services business seeking mentorship and support to take your business to the next level.
  • You have experience in business and you value the opportunity to have a team of people supporting your personal and professional growth.
  • Marketing and sales, especially digital marketing, can be challenging and overwhelming to you.
  • You're ready to drop any sort of lack and limitation narrative and become unstoppable in all that you are and do.
  • You love the idea of learning from and being a part of a network of like-minded entrepreneurs who truly support one another.
  • You're eager to feel confident and certain about your business and especially your financial future.

“There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” 

-​ Morpheus, The Matrix

IPROSPER® is here to help you walk the path in business and entrepreneurship.


Leisa Peterson - Mindset and Money Transformation

Jessica Bonosoro - Program Development and Accountability

Jenny Joy - Business Management and Mindset Transformation

Deanna Lyons - Mindset and Performance

Georgiana Kovell - Program Mentor

Pam Jahnke - Budgeting and Cash Flow Management

Andrea Curtis-Amezquita - Visual Design and Creative Projects

What Past Clients Say

"When I started working with Leisa, I had a lack of confidence in myself and my new business. I wondered if I really could achieve the big dreams and goals I had. But while working with Leisa, we talked about my mindset issues and limiting beliefs. She asked the right questions to draw out what was holding me back so that I could push past those obstacles.  I did a lot of really deep work — something that I feel is really important for any business owner to go through. I was able to bust through my limiting beliefs and take ownership of my potential and what I bring to my business and how I serve my clients."

~Monica Louie, Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategist

"Leisa's presence in my life has created a domino impact of self-awareness and momentum. What began as a dive into my small business evolved into a journey of growth that was completely unexpected yet welcomed with open arms. Leisa gave me so many tools to become more aware of my thoughts, who I am and what I want to be. She helped me to understand why judgment and scarcity thinking were preventing me from showing up in my life as fully I knew I was capable of. I know I am here for MORE and she gave me a springboard to dive into making it happen."  

~Amanda Walker, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, www.awalkmyway.com

"Leisa Peterson is a brilliant coach. I had some baffling blocks around upleveling my prosperity that all the workshops, healing sessions, coaches and practical financial trainings didn't transform. Leisa immediately zoned in on the root of my blocks, things not in my conscious awareness. When she brought these beliefs to light, I understood and forgave myself for mistakes in my past, and I immediately knew my finances would begin shifting and I was right!

~Terra Christoff, Business Coach for Women on Purpose