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What is the IPROSPER® Business and Money Advisory Mastermind?

A mindfulness-based business and money coaching program for empathic and driven coaches, consultants, experts and advisors.

IPROSPER® helps you create the winning formula for your virtual service-based business where you can break through barriers, find and attract your ideal clients, grow your profit, and achieve the results you desire.

  • Mindset strategies and key performance indicators to help you grow your business by 100% and increase your profitability by 50%.
  • Step-by-step digital marketing strategies that dramatically increase the flow of ideal clients coming into your business.
  • Implement finely tuned pricing strategies, client attraction protocols, sales mastery systems, relatable and highly effective referral frameworks, and value-based community building approaches that support the growth of your heart-aligned business.
  • Systems to help you analyze income and spending so you notice negative trends quickly and can change behavior accordingly.
  • Ramp up every aspect of your marketing with innovations and testing-based strategies that will reshape the landscape of your business. 
  • Ways to use mindfulness practices and self-understanding techniques to ensure your core values are integrated into all aspects of your life and business.
  • And, most important aspect of all...
  • You'll receive hands-on guidance and assistance every step of the way from our team of experienced coaches who will help you develop and implement the strategies you are learning into your business.

What's the main content of the IPROSPER® program?

We explore and assist you in the development of these three aspects to your business:

  • The Foundation for Your Business (mindset, beliefs, financial vision and metrics)
  • The Strategy for Your Business (structure, ideal client, research, and lead generation and sales strategies to attract them)
  • The Execution for Your Business (action you take each day to achieve your goals)

The IPROSPER Framework is divided into 8 Core Modules:

90-min Initial Strategic Business Assessment with Leisa Peterson

One Monthly Online Mindset and Mindfulness Group Session

So many special bonuses!

Two Weekly Strategy Coaching Group Sessions

Your Own Accountability Coach

Monthly Sedona Experience Retreat with healing practitioners

Two Weekly Online Marketing and Implementation Group Session

Module Trainings - Audios, Videos, Transcripts, Templates, Swipe Files, and More

Private Facebook forum and Google Group for idea sharing and networking



Introductory Session - 30 minutes with coach to help you get oriented to the program. Know what to start with inside the IPROSPER program

Deep Dive Business Diagnostic Process to be completed with Leisa to help you develop a strategic plan for the coming year - including 90 minute session and completion of business and profitability assessment.

Monthly Accountability Session with Action Coach - 15 minute check-in sessions with your action coach to help you keep track of what you've accomplished in past month and confirm action plan for coming month.

Envision Planning Toolkit - a strategic planning process that allows you to create a vision for the future and then create a daily, monthly, and quarterly plan for accomplishing your goals.

Entrepreneurial Mastermind - Connect and collaborate with a community of successful and soul-led leaders who want to make an impact and leave a legacy.

Online Course Creator Applications - Explore and evaluate online course creator and all-in-one-application solutions for running your business.

Thought Leadership Workshop (Recorded Jan 2020) -- 2- 2 hour training workshops plus 2 hour implementation workshop.

Facebook, Referral System, YouTube, and Podcasting Tutorials


Infinite Abundance Program ($197 value) -- 28 daily meditations and journaling practice

Financially Free ($97 value) -- 21 daily meditations and journaling practice

Meditation Bundle ($27 value) -- 20+ guided centering and balancing meditations

Guest Speakers -- Topics include video storytelling, audio/podcasting, instagram sales, copywriting, and high ticket selling, live launches, and much more.

Gift Box with all sorts of fun goodies hand picked just for you (US and Canada residents Only)

The program offers over 240+ hours of live coaching and training sessions over duration of the program so no question is ever left unanswered or unresolved.


  • You want customized solutions for who you are and what you're building - NO cookie-cutter templates or one-size-fits-all anything. You're seeking professional strategies that help you save time, increase profits and enjoy your business far more.
  • You're heart-centered, ambitious and self-employed in a coaching, advisory and/or professional services business seeking mentorship and support.
  • You value the opportunity to have a team of people supporting your personal and professional growth.
  • Marketing and sales, especially digital marketing, can be challenging and overwhelming to you.
  • You're ready to uplevel your financial literacy as you know it is key to being able to masterfully manage, grow and lead your business.
  • You're ready to drop any sort of lack and limitation narrative and become unstoppable in all that you are and do.
  • You love the idea of learning from and being a part of a network of like-minded entrepreneurs who truly support one another.
  • You're eager to feel confident and certain about your business and especially your financial future.

“There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” 

-​ Morpheus, The Matrix

IPROSPER® is here to help you walk the path in business and entrepreneurship.


Leisa Peterson - CEO and Chief Breakthrough Officer for Money, Mindset and Business

Jessica Bonosoro - Executive Coach

Deanna Lyons - Mindset, Emotional Freedom Technique and Peak Performance Coach

Georgiana Kovell - Executive Coach

Pam Jahnke - Partial CFO (chief financial officer) services to our largest business clients.

Andrea Curtis-Amezquita - Visual Design and Creative Projects

What Clients Say

"I joined IProsper because I needed to create momentum fast. I knew, having previously worked with Leisa, that she could help me to move past my limiting beliefs and my very loud mental chatter that had previously kept me stuck.  I also knew I worked best with structure and that having a proven pathway, like IPROSPER for focusing my attention would be a game changer, since the day-to-day of being a solo-preneur is often overwhelming.  And lastly I knew Leisa creates awesome community of supportive people which I very much desired.

In the first month of working with Leisa I’ve been blown away by my productivity and the clarity I have now on what I need to do to be successful.  I’ve always been good at “producing” but there wasn’t always a clear focus or overwhelm would sink in.  The content and container she has created along with the incredible amount of support that is offered on a weekly basis, helped me accomplish more in my first month than I thought possible.

In the first month I was able to create a 90 day plan that has produced several high quality content for marketing that will provide the foundation for expanding my reach to my ideal target clients. I produced a high quality give away or freebie in addition to a 30 minute training/Ted Talk that will be shared at a Summit. I also created a sales and marketing plan to generate income from a 90 day program that I know is going to be successful. More than anything the momentum has created both the clarity and confidence that will allow me to reach the next level of success in my business."

"When I started working with Leisa, I had a lack of confidence in myself and my new business. I wondered if I really could achieve the big dreams and goals I had. But while working with Leisa, we talked about my mindset issues and limiting beliefs. She asked the right questions to draw out what was holding me back so that I could push past those obstacles.  I did a lot of really deep work — something that I feel is really important for any business owner to go through. I was able to bust through my limiting beliefs and take ownership of my potential and what I bring to my business and how I serve my clients."

~Monica Louie, Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategist

"Leisa's presence in my life has created a domino impact of self-awareness and momentum. What began as a dive into my small business evolved into a journey of growth that was completely unexpected yet welcomed with open arms. Leisa gave me so many tools to become more aware of my thoughts, who I am and what I want to be. She helped me to understand why judgment and scarcity thinking were preventing me from showing up in my life as fully I knew I was capable of. I know I am here for MORE and she gave me a springboard to dive into making it happen."  

~Amanda Walker, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach,

"Leisa Peterson is a brilliant coach. I had some baffling blocks around upleveling my prosperity that all the workshops, healing sessions, coaches and practical financial trainings didn't transform. Leisa immediately zoned in on the root of my blocks, things not in my conscious awareness. When she brought these beliefs to light, I understood and forgave myself for mistakes in my past, and I immediately knew my finances would begin shifting and I was right!

~Terra Christoff, Business Coach for Women on Purpose

In closing... IPROSPER® is for coaches, consultants and advisors who want a customized plan for achieving their goals with support to help you get there.

A challenge with many coaching programs and courses is that they teach you a strategy and give you a plan, but then it’s up to you to take action all by yourself.

Even if you're feeling ready to move forward, it can be difficult to navigate the challenges that arise and before you know it, it’s been months and you still haven’t implemented.

IPROSPER supports you where other programs leave off and not only do we help you know how to do what you need to do, we help you create a plan for reaching your goals and give you tools to track your time, your metrics and your profitability.

And most important of all, we are with you every step of the way as you implement your plan and bring your goals (and dreams) into reality.

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Between the weekly coaching calls and the lessons in the course, there is guidance, there is focus.... but in a way that is still's not a 'there's only this way' to build your business program. Instead it's a...."here are the resources that have helped create successful businesses and here are different examples of how you can create it for yourself". The training comes in short, actionable and digestible chunks so that it is not overwhelming, just helpful.

Being in a group of kind, caring, powerful, creative inspiring business leaders with Leisa's guidance and strong vision and 'container holding', has removed that 'out to sea' feeling of being all alone. We are in this together, helping each other, sharing and inspiring each other as we each grow forward. Leisa holds the vision for what we can achieve...I may not always feel or see that strong vision myself,  but it helps knowing that someone else believes and also cares about my life and biz success.

With everything Leisa offers I can feel the care and belief and that helps on those days that this all feels out of reach...the double bonus is that we are encouraged to share if we are floundering, to ask for support if we need it, and anytime I have asked, that support has indeed always been there."

— Marnie Dangerfield, IPROSPER Member 2020/2021