Unlock Your Potential...
Your Prosperity... Your Happiness

You are so ready.

We show you how to transform your business, your wealth, and your life by harmonizing the yin (inner) and yang (outer) dualities so you create a sustainable, refreshing, and prosperous business.

With IPROSPER®, there is more available to you than you can even imagine.  

  • Awakened embodiment
  • Authentic marketing and sales
  • Illuminated financial awareness and growth
  • Expansive results

It's the kind of business coaching program you've been waiting for.  

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IPROSPER® is for you if you are:

Clock is Ticking

A service-based business owner who's reached a financial ceiling and wants to create more income with less effort. You're ready to create a more sustainable and authentic online business that aligns with who you really are.

Big Dreams

You're ready to build an online business the authentic, mindful and profitable way (rather than getting stuck in a self-employed job that burns you out and leaves you broke(n)).

More to Life

You know there's more to business than you've tapped into thus far and fully aware you’re capable of so much more. Now you're ready to create recurring revenue streams and semi-passive income programs so you can build your wealth.

Full Sprint Ahead

You're someone who's beyond ready to take your life back, treasures inner-discovery, isn't afraid of hard work, and knows that there's no “right time” to get started on creating your own path to alignment and financial freedom.

Getting paid to be you, on your terms, without trading time for dollars.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want more clients and a steadier cash flow
  • You want a business that creates more income with less effort
  • Your existing marketing and sales are not as fruitful as you'd like
  • You're not afraid to look at the deeper issues underneath your results
  • You want honest communication in all aspects of your business
  • You want freedom without cutting into your earning power
  • You no longer want to feel lonely as an entrepreneur
  • You're seeking mindful and financially savvy mentorship from an experienced, diversified business coach who's been in your shoes, built wealth for herself, and who is oriented towards your success

We can help you with all of that.

Client Stories
To Book Discovery Session with Leisa (to see if the program is right for you)

Your business is like a chinese bamboo tree.

You've watered it, fertilized it and nurtured it so the roots can grow deep and wide and now you're ready to expand your reach, broaden your impact and build your wealth.

I help you look within so you can go beyond.

What are IPROSPER® members saying?

“I think the biggest shift and transformation for me is that I am not in my head now, I am in my heart. As soon as I started using my heart energy, things started happening.” ~ Sucheta Phadke, Chief Learning Strategist, Honeycomb Learning Design

I was able to overcome things that I didn’t even know have been holding me back for a long time. I kind of wonder - gosh, what else could I have done in this lifetime if I’d known this!" ~ Chantell Young Chief

“The transformation for me has been more happiness in my life, more accepting of what is but also embracing the possibilities of what I can be and what I can do. There’s really no limitations of what I’m capable of.~ Debbie

“I know so much more than I ever did about how to do something, and the other thing that has been really great about working with Leisa is that we bring ideas and then Leisa’s like "why not go bigger?" So rather than the kind of small goals that I would set for myself, I’m now dreaming big.” ~ Katerina Evans, Artist and Founder, Katerina Evans Counseling & Consulting, LLC

I feel like I received so much attention and I received so much knowledge. I’m really excited to go forth into the world and I feel so much stronger in my abilities to do things. ~Nicky Dyal, Fear and Bravery, NickyDyal.com

“It’s really fun to get together and talk and we handle the business but it’s just a wonderful experience. It’s joyous even when we deal with some heavy duty topics, we still have those warm and fuzzy moments that just make you feel good. That you’re part of something. People are helping you and you’re contributing to help them even if you don’t even know it.” ~ Elizabeth

"The content in IPROSPER® is deep and practical. Leisa’s mindful approach to money and business is exactly what I was looking for, as she understands how everything is interconnected. The meditations, retreats, and support provided in the weekly calls works so well because she is working with us as whole people, not just focusing on one small facet of life. You aren’t on your own - the team and the other participants are right there with you, and I’ve learned so much from listening to conversations and observing others working through things." ~Joy Bennett, Founder and Chief Strategist, JumpStart Marketing, LLC.

​To get the combination of the mindset work as well as the actual action/accountability steps – the merging of the two because I knew that I could get the mindset separately and I could also get the intense action-oriented, goal-oriented coaching elsewhere, but I knew that only Leisa could help bridge the two, which I thought was the most important thing to do.~ Catherine

What exactly is IPROSPER®?

It's a 12-month comprehensive business, money and wealth building coaching program with Leisa Peterson and team

You'll get access to all the training, mentoring, and support you'll need whether you're starting up, ramping up or scaling up your service based-business.

"Wholeness" mindset

Operating from an abundance mindset helps you think bigger and more whole-istically so you can enjoy life more and make a bigger impact in the lives of others. We help you break patterns of scarcity so you can confidently create a business based on abundant-thinking that serves people, profits and the planet.

Scalable and leverage-able strategies

The North Star for many business owners is having a simple, scalable system to bring consistent and predictable leads into their business. We work with you to stop the tactic-chasing and create a custom-fit process that works according to your budget, your values and your personality.

Reliable, repeatable and "consensual" sales

Too often entrepreneurs get intimidated by sales which can hold them back when it comes to scaling. We show you how to engage in honest, non-deceptive, "consensual" sales so you can authentically grow your business in ways that feel good to you and your clients.

Strong positioning and increased visibility

Learning how to become especially noticeable in a crowded marketplace is a skill that far too few business owners know how to leverage. We show you strategies that help you stand-out regardless of how introverted, extroverted or ambivert-ed you may be.

Trust building, networking, personal transformation, and business as a force for good

We’re living in a time when it’s so important for business to drive a new view and create an aspirational future of business as a force for good. Inner mastery comes through the repeated practice of new skills. In the IPROSPER program, we won’t just talk about transformation, we will do it by modeling practices of high-performing conscious businesses and leaders.

You want a beautiful, thriving and harmonious business.

You want to be unreasonably proud of your business and refreshingly comfortable in your own skin. You want to approach your business like an artist to their craft so it becomes a reflection of the real you.

IPROSPER was created to help you add 5 and 6 figure revenue streams to your business.

The difference with what we teach is how to get there without relying solely on hustle-mentality to achieve your goals.

What people have to say about coaching with Leisa

"When I started working with Leisa, I had a lack of confidence in myself and my new business. I wondered if I really could achieve the big dreams and goals I had. But while working with Leisa, we talked about my mindset issues and limiting beliefs. I did a lot of really deep work — something that I feel is really important for any business owner to go through. I was able to bust through my limiting beliefs and take ownership of my potential."

~Monica Louie, Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategist

"Leisa's presence in my life has created a domino impact of self-awareness and momentum. What began as a dive into my small business evolved into a journey of growth that was completely unexpected yet welcomed with open arms. Leisa gave me so many tools to become more aware of my thoughts, who I am and what I want to be. She helped me to understand why judgment and scarcity thinking were preventing me from showing up in my life as fully I knew I was capable of. She gave me a springboard to dive into making it happen."  

~Amanda Walker, Creator of Feel Amazing Naked Podcast and Program.

"Leisa Peterson is a brilliant coach. I had some baffling blocks around upleveling my prosperity that all the workshops, healing sessions, coaches and practical financial trainings didn't transform. Leisa immediately zoned in on the root of my blocks, things not in my conscious awareness. When she brought these beliefs to light, I understood and forgave myself for mistakes in my past, and I immediately knew my finances would begin shifting and I was right!"

~Terra Christoff, Business Coach for Women on Purpose

“I had spent 10’s of thousands in coaching over the years, yet never got beyond the struggle and lack that was holding me back in my business ... until I met Leisa! I've finally found the breakthrough support I needed with her. If you are an entrepreneur and you are ready to live in authentic abundance, work with Leisa as soon as you can!"

~Dawn Delvecchio, Priestess, Womb Keeper, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Astrologer and Master Tarot Reader.

Seven Steps to Visionary Passive Income

BONUS FOR FALL 2021 (for the first 90 Days of your experience)

We'll dive into seven steps geared at helping you build your $$$-creating assets from start to finish.


Mindset and Time Management
If you want to become a visionary cash flow builder, you have to think and act like one. These trainings will show you how to rearrange your mind, your calendar and your life to maximum spaciousness.


Perfect Client (and Audience) Creation
Detailed easy-to-follow training on how to create an extremely detailed representation of your perfect client so you can clearly speak to them and turn them into raving fans who finally feel like they are understood.


Becoming Especially Noticeable
To grow and reach more people while earning more and doing less, you need a way to refine your positioning, messaging and marketing that allows you to stand out and show your perfect clients that you know how to help them in a completely different way than ANYONE else. During this module, you will learn how to stand out in a busy marketplace, create breakthroughs for your perfect prospects (before they even work with you) and predictably generate organic leads to your business.

Irresistible Offers
You will learn how to use the magic of irresistible offers to attract, persuade and explain what you do to your perfect clients so they can't help but want to buy from you.


Pricing Strategies
To grow profits, you'll need to price your services and products so you are attracting your perfect clients who can afford to pay what you charge. During this module, you'll learn the secrets behind this mysterious process and how to maximize value through your pricing.


Consensual Sales
Learn sales strategies that feel good to you and your perfect clients... that bring out what's most important and help people make well-informed decisions about working with you without using deceptive tactics that feel icky. So you can grow your business and feel in alignment with your highest values and priorities.



Bring it All Together with the Visionary Passive Income (Repeatable) System

"We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral: we have already climbed many steps"

~Herman Hesse

Here's what you'll gain access to:

3-4 Live Group Advisory Calls per week (except for U.S. holiday weeks) that explore mindset, implementation, branding and tech. Additional topic specific calls may be added depending upon member's needs. Value $10,000+

100+ Business Expansion Trainings - everything you need to create more leverage inside your service-based business including starting up, ramping up and scaling up your digital business. Value $10,000+

Introductory Orientation Session with team to ensure you hit the ground running within the program -- so there's no chance of confusion nor overwhelm as you get started.

During this session alone, we'll help you identify and breakthrough any and all patterns that have kept you from getting the most out of coaching programs in the past. Value $1,000

VIP Deep-dive Private Planning Session with Leisa Peterson to work out your goals, your vision, and your plans for moving forward inside of the IPROSPER experience so she knows exactly how best to support you in the ongoing coaching and advisory sessions. You'll complete a diagnostic review prior to this session to ensure everything gets uncovered and accounted for. Value $3,000

Monthly Private Coaching Call with your personal accountability advisor.

Value $3,000

Monthly Sedona Retreat (Virtual) Experience to calm your nervous system and deep-dive into personal development - occurs once a month on a Saturday morning with the entire IPROSPER community and led by an experienced transformational facilliator. Guest teachers cover topics like Human Design, Enneagram, Breathwork, Wisdom Council, and so much more. Value $2,500

Access to thriving 5 and 6 figure like-minded, soul-centric entrepreneurs who are working on similar things as you are and are available to bounce ideas off and test new ideas with. Priceless

PLUS One Extra CLARITY Private Coaching Call with Leisa to be used at any time during year as needed. $1,000 Value

Program Benefits and Bonuses Combined Value of over $30,000!


Passive Income Planning Immersion Retreat (Virtual October 1-2, 2021) - In a supportive community environment, we’ll help you clarify why you do what you do, what your values are, the lifelong impact you’d like your work to have, and what multiple-bottom-line success looks like for you. We'll dive into Visionary Passive Income and how to create more of it in your business.

The mindfulness and embodiment practices we’ll do will support you to become a stronger leader who can sustain your vision long term. $997 Value

Envision 360 Planning Retreat (Virtual -January 14, 15, 16th 2022) - Learn how to take your strategic planning, dream manifestation, goal planning and new habit creation process to a whole new level as part of the Envision Planning 2 1/2 Day Virtual Retreat in mid-January. The mindfulness and embodiment practices help you set the tone for the new year and become a stronger leader who can sustain your financial vision. $997 Value

Measuring What Matters - Business Money Management Cash-Flow Made Easy Workshop -- Identify what you should be watching and develop your own business performance dashboard. You will need this to create a culture of continuous performance improvement in your company. Here we share our tips for monitoring the four critical drivers of success: productivity, profit, cash and financial strength. Not a numbers person? No problem!  Learn to climb over the obstacle and discover how to transform your customer and financial information into decision-relevant tools. Gain confidence to make brilliant financial choices to solidify the future of your business. $1,997 Value

3-Part Sales Training Bonus Workshop -- In-depth "consensual", heart-centered sales training that helps you feel confident about sales conversations. Our honest, open and integrity-based approach to sales will help you integrate a proven formula into your own way of working with your perfect clients.

We provide you with 4 hours of training, adaptable scripts, processes, and frameworks so your sales conversions skyrocket without pressure or needing to "overcome objections" in order to have a thriving business. $997 Value

Mindful Millionaire Collective Membership (Click to learn more) -- You'll gain FULL access to Leisa's money mindset and freedom membership where you'll improve your money management both personally and professionally. You'll have the option of joining us for money management coaching and emotional freedom (tapping) sessions every month.

Once a month Leisa guides the entire WealthClinic community through a live meditation experience based on whatever is "coming through" to help members experience greater joy, peace and ease in their lives.

Participation is unstructured so you can join in at any time as you wish! $1,197 Value

Guest Speakers (IPROSPER Master-University) -- Topics include business building, writing best-selling books, using storytelling in communications, expert secrets in podcasting, amplifying Instagram sales, copywriting strategies, high ticket selling, live launch programs, you name it, we've got you covered. Speakers share behind-the-scenes of what it takes to create mindful and meaningful businesses that allow them to thrive in life. Priceless.

Monthly "Sedona Retreats" -- A deep-dive virtual retreat once a month with a healer or mind-expanding teacher to help you heal old wounds, increase self-understanding, make new friendships and have lots of fun within the IPROSPER community. $1,500 Value

Brand Design Audit -- Our favorite Branding and Creativity Consultant Andrea will review your website and marketing materials to provide you with a comprehensive brand audit filled with suggestions for upleveling your communications to attract your perfect clients. $397 Value

IPROSPER offers over 240+ hours of live mastermind coaching sessions a year so no question is ever left unanswered or unresolved.


Leisa Peterson - CEO and Chief Breakthrough Officer for Money, Mindset and Business Growth

Jessica Bonosoro - Lead Coach, Time Management Expert, Accountability and Operations

Deanna Lyons - Mindset, Emotional Freedom Technique and Peak Performance Coach

Anke Herrmann - Tech Expert, Author of Taming the Tech Monster

Andrea Curtis-Amezquita - Visual Design, Branding and Creative Projects

Georgiana Kovell - Community Ambassador, Sales Strategy Coach

"The biggest part of being in IPROSPER this past year has been the personal and professional transformation. I thought I had money issues, but in reality there were deeper issues that I wasn’t aware of nor willing to explore until now."

~Cinthya Bonilla, Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Mindset Coach

Leisa Peterson

Leisa Peterson is The Mindful Millionaire Maker. She helps inspired business owners become game-changers in their field and achieve million dollar breakthroughs in their business.

As a catalyst, mentor and way shower who has been guiding people from all walks of life through personal transformation for nearly two decades, Leisa uses her unique intuitive and experiential gifts to help clients awaken their innate spirits so they can meet the most complex life challenges with strength, courage and spaciousness.

She's also the author of The Mindful Millionaire (traditionally published in 2020 by St Martin's Press), and podcaster who started selling seeds door-to-door at age 8 and grew her business expertise over-time to become a self-made millionaire by her mid-30's.

Founder and CEO, WealthClinic, LLC

Leisa recently grew her visionary passive income streams by over $30K monthly which also led to doubling her net worth to several millions of dollars.

She's witnessed the tremendous power of investing time now with the goal of creating recurring revenue for the future and can't wait to share what she's learned with you.

Leisa is a CFP® who has over 17 years of coaching and financial advisory experience. Prior to that Leisa was a Fortune 500 executive who built and led record-breaking teams and new divisions within billion dollar companies.

Noted in Forbes as one of 10 Women Driving Growth in Wealth Management and Investing, Leisa has appeared on Gaia tv, Coast to Coast radio, The Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, The Week, Huffington Post, and has been featured on many podcasts and radio shows.

IPROSPER Master-University

Expert LIVE courses and workshops to support you growing your business and expanding recurring revenue streams. Starting in January 2022 with value of over $2,000.

Expanding Your Marketing and Sales

Pete McPherson - What to say to sell things

Amanda Walker - Launching With Alignment: Grow Your Business Using High Touch Marketing Strategies

Jason Obsorn - How to Generate High Quality Leads on LinkedIn Without Being Spammy or Paying For Ads

Barbara Boldt - How to Give a Million Dollar Pitch

Tamara Golden - The Business of Bonding: Why Retreats Lead to More Money & More Clients

Zoe Peterson - Jumpstarting Your Brand on Instagram

Growing Your Business and Your Team

Pam Jahnke - How to Use Your P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement to Increase Profits

Steven Morris - How to Build a Beautiful Business

Nicky Dyal - How to Create a Diverse and Inclusive Organization

Growing Your Wealth

Dustin Heiner - How to build a 6-figure automatic business investing in real estate

Leisa Peterson - Real Estate Investing 101

Kanwal Sarai - How to Invest in Dividend Paying Stocks

As a result of joining IPROSPER... imagine what you could be feeling a year from now...

  • You've stepped into your authentic power
  • You're believing in yourself
  • You have more time for doing what you love
  • You're increasing your profits
  • You're saving more money
  • You're hiring your team
  • You've transformed old dysfunctional habits
  • You're creating a business that makes you really happy.
  • You're expanding your financial consciousness
  • You (finally) see your pathway to financial freedom.
  • You've uplifted your heart by making life-long friends.
  • You've unlocked unstoppable confidence

And...we can't wait for this transformation to begin for you!

"As we elevate our financial consciousness, we elevate the collective consciousness which is more important than ever before. As you lift yourself up, the whole world is lifted."

~Leisa Peterson


Who is the program for and how many people are in it?

This program is for ambitious and inspired business owners who want to build long-term, sustainable success while growing their wealth. Most members have service-based businesses including coaching, consulting, education, and we've also worked with cleaning services, moving services, realtors, florists, hair, body and skin services, speaking and more. If you are unsure please reach out and share more about your situation before applying.

We are only accepting 30 people to be a part of IPROSPER and 10 spots are already filled. Once the 30 spots are secured you can be added to a wait-list to be notified of opportunities to join in the future.

How do the group advisory sessions work?

Leisa has been in several masterminds and coaching programs over the years and they’re her favorite thing to participate in, as facilitator and as a coachee/member.

She's learned even more from hearing solutions to other people’s questions and struggles than from her own time asking questions which often leads to creative output firing like crazy.

During advisory sessions, members end up refining their questions, and getting more value out of the process than they would have from booking a whole hour of private coaching time. Plus you get to see the genius of the other people and, by that equation, they see yours. This leads to fruitful, profitable, supportive connections being developed as part of these group conversations.

Does this program cover all aspects of social media? 

We have our hands in every social media strategy under the sun. If there’s a training missing, and you need it, we’ll put it on our list to create it for you. Every new training we create in the future is included in your annual IPROSPER membership.

Will this work for me if I struggle with tech?

Yes, we have a techie person on the team to support you as you grow. Part of IPROSPER is learning to delegate.

We show you how to build a team, so you can stay out of the weeds. It all begins with low-tech social selling strategies, which will provide the cash you need to hire out the skills and roles you need, including hiring a virtual assistant, who can handle the tech for you at an affordable rate.  

I’m looking at a few programs right now -- what makes yours different?  

IPROSPER is built on a foundation of personal transformation that leads to greater results and better habits. When we assessed the online market for these types of programs, the gap was clear. Courses & masterminds don’t take you to the finish line. They don’t help you overcome obstacles nor do they help you with breakthroughs. Plus they don’t offer 360° accountability and support.

We offer all of that and value your ability to have regular accountability support as critical to your success. With our accountability program and our 100+ trainings, you have everything you need to succeed. And we do mean everything.

Will I get feedback on my progress during the program?  

You will get every single bit of feedback you need during the program. From the live strategic advisory sessions that happen up to 4 times a week to the monthly accountability calls, you’ll be flush with feedback.

I’m already pretty good at marketing. Is IPROSPER just for beginners?

IPROSPER is not a beginner program and we can help you add 5 and 6 figure revenue streams to your service-based business. The difference here is that we prefer to NOT rely solely on hustle-mentality to achieve our goals.

Who isn't a good fit for IPROSPER?  

There are a few things that would indicate you are not a good fit for the program. If you need instant results without putting the time in, have a habit of signing up for things and not using them, you're expecting 1-1 coaching and lots of hand holding, and/or you are dogmatic about your choices and have no issues with shaming or cancel culture, then we are not a good fit.

It takes time, patience and humility to create an authentic business. If you can't give yourself the grace of time to figure it out, you won't enjoy our approach.

I’m uncomfortable with sales. Will these techniques you are teaching help me?

Sales is a science and an art. Social selling, even more so. We hear from all types of clients that they feel uncomfortable with selling on social media. So our trainings cover this extensively.

Sales is an absolute core skill of entrepreneurship, and we’re here to help you learn how to master low-pressure and consensual sales, even if you have to try a lot of different things until you find your best approach.

How much time will it take to get through the program?  

We have business owners that have been with us for years. There’s no way to get through all the program training, even in a single year. That’s why we’ve designed it to cherry-pick what you need first. And if you’re not sure what that is, our accountability team will help you organize a growth plan specifically for you and your business. Stay with us for a year or multiple. We’re here to get you all the way to your goals as fast as possible.  We're here to help you master it.

Will taking this program eliminate the need for other coaches?   

For the most part, you will not need other coaching while inside of IPROSPER. There are exceptions depending upon specific projects you are working on but it is unlikely especially during the first year.

I’m so busy. Can I delegate all of this to someone else?

As the visionary leader of your organization, you need to be the one driving the decisions in your business, and that requires a strong understanding of sales, marketing, and PR. IPROSPER is here to transform you from super-employee to CEO.

If you’re too busy, that tells us you’re ready for more support - a team to delegate to, so you can take the ideas in your head and turn them into rock solid plans, strategies, and cash in the bank.

Will I be asked to "hustle" to grow my business?

If anything we are the opposite of what most coaching programs offer up. As such we do not subscribe to the hustle culture and so the pressure you feel as part of IPROSPER will be more about you becoming the best you on your terms. We do not like to be pushed into doing things we aren't fond of and trust you are the same.

This doesn't mean you won't be invited to put the work into your projects and take action but it will based on what you most want to create for your business.

We believe you do not need to aspire to be a big business to earn above average returns and we want you to aspire to create the right size business for what your heart calls out to do.

Will I have lifetime access to IPROSPER?

IPROSPER is an annual 12-month membership program. Sign up for a year, and renew after 12 months if you feel you’re ready for ongoing support. We make parts of the curriculum available to you upon completion.

Can I get a refund if I join and later decide to not be a part of it?

We have a no money back guarantee policy. We stand behind this program 100% and it’s been proven to work. It’s only for people who make the investment with the intentions of implementing it immediately.

If you don’t have the time to implement, we encourage you to not purchase.

Still need more information?

Below you will find Leisa walking you through various aspects of the IPROSPER process :)

Leisa explaining what happens when you join IPROSPER and how we help you succeed right from the start.

The inspiration behind IPROSPER and how we use the chakras to help you build your business and your wealth.

How to make abundance-based decisions for your business and your money.