Retreat Schedule

Friday, January 15th

Welcoming and intention setting

Welcoming the four directions into our virtual space for the weekend and set inspiring intentions for our time together.

Saturday, January 16th

Money Clarity AND Financial Breakthroughs - Part 1

Breathwork and Money Story Guided Meditation with Leisa

You'll be guided through a process to identify the #1 Roadblock to gaining financial freedom that has likely been holding you back for a very long time.

We will then dive into a process that helps you eliminate the block once and for all. (I know this sounds crazy, but I've been testing this process in my business coaching program and it works, it works, it works...)

And then we'll open up for Q&A coaching with Leisa

Saturday Afternoon

Financial (See into the Future) Planning - Part 2

Breathwork and Envisioning Meditation with Leisa

You'll be shown how to create your 2021 Envision financial plan that sees into the future and details exactly how to bring your top priorities into reality.

In the afternoon we'll get our bodies moving with guest speaker Vicki Howie who will guide us through chakra exercises that help you take your financial planning to a whole new level of embodiment and consciousness.

You'll walk away from the first day of the retreat knowing exactly what you need to do next to reach your most pressing and important financial freedom objectives.

Sunday, January 17th

Part 3 - Financial Planning Momentum Exercises

We'll kick things off with breathwork and manifesting meditation practice.

We'll then dive into key habits to help you achieve your greatest financial goals and we'll break into dyads to privately discuss what you've learned and the exact habits you need to help you going forward.

Next, we'll have Q and A Coaching Sessions with Leisa, Nick True (cash flow management specialist) and Peter Krull (socially conscious and environmentally responsible investment advisor) so you can ask your most pressing money and financial planning questions and use this time to fine tune your forward seeing 2021 financial plan.

Sunday Afternoon

Part 4 - Next steps and 2021 Envision Planning and Q&A.

Breathwork and Guided "Future Seeing" Meditation

We'll wrap up the weekend with timed sessions for developing your 2021 financial plan and key habits matrix as well as time for Q&A with Leisa. (One hour to 90 minutes)

At conclusion, we'll have a closing ceremony to solidify your learnings and embody what you are most wanting to create for yourself going forward.

You'll walk away from the weekend with clarity about your top financial priorities for 2021 and exactly what you need to do to next to bring your financial freedom goals into reality.

No more lack of clarity for what you want AND what you need to be working on daily, weekly and monthly. By the end of the retreat you'll have exact steps mapped out for creating more prosperity in your life going forward.



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