Join us for a transformative Mindful Money Retreat with Leisa Peterson and special guests on January 15-17, 2021

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What to Expect from the Mindful Money Retreat

In this fun and interactive weekend you'll :

  • Improve your productivity, mental health, mindfulness, and your relationship with money.
  • Identify the top #1 challenge holding you back when it comes to creating momentum on your pathway to financial freedom and eliminate it in less than 20 minutes.
  • Create a financial plan that helps you predict the future.
  • Make new friends who share your dreams of experiencing more joy and way less stress.
  • Gain access to a one-of-a-kind Financial Planning system (along with 22 page workbook) that can change how you plan your finances forever!

and you'll discover exactly how to:

  • Gain clarity and confidence in yourself so you can create what you most want.
  • Stop feeling so overwhelmed and instead feel inspired to take action.
  • Make good financial decisions consistently.
  • Jump-start your wealth building journey in 2021.

Inspiring Money Mindset Teachings and Break-out Discussions

Learn new paradigm-shifting insights and practical tools
for your brain, mind, money and relationships and have the opportunity to talk with others in small Zoom break-out rooms.

Guided Prosperity Meditations

You'll gain access to live guided meditations to rewire helpful, healing changes
into your nervous system.

Supportive Like-Minded Community

You're not alone - we're going to have a blast making new friends and sharing our love of self-discovery and realization with people who really "get" you.

Money Healing Practices with Guest Practitioners and Inspiring Financial Guides

Super fun interactive sessions with Sedona-based healers and money experts.

Creative Mind-Expanding Exercises for Building Mindful Wealth

You'll walk away from the weekend with a 2021 financial plan based on what's most important for you when it comes to creating the life you really want to live.

Money and Chakra Healing Coaching

Leisa will guide you through process of dropping away limiting patterns so you can create a financial plan that is designed expressly for you and your highest values.

Who is the retreat perfect for?



That's right. You're highly intentional in all other areas of your life and you're ready for this year to be about the reward that comes from having your financial future on track.



You're a deep feeler who lives from your heart and you're ready for your relationship with money to be no different. Living a heart-centered life means wholeness even with money.



It's your dream to feel freedom including freedom from money worries and we're here to help you bring it into reality.



Esoteric, relevant, timely and super-duper practical are some of the ways you roll. The idea that your money can be about both/and rather than either/or makes your heart soar with delight.

Who Guides the Retreat?

Forbes named Leisa in Top 10 Women Driving Growth in Wealth Management and Investing.  

Leisa Peterson is an CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, entrepreneur, author, podcaster, coach and self-made millionaire who inspires people around the world to create a life of prosperity. What is a life of true prosperity anyway? Living prosperously encompasses financial security, as well as, the feeling of wholeness and strength in the mind, body, and soul. 

Leisa's life experiences inspired a connection between the inner journey of self-realization and creating financial well-being for one's self. From there, she began developing mindfulness practices to help people break free from lack and scarcity, in order to discover their wholeness. These practices focus on identification and release of self-defeating money fears and limiting beliefs and teach people how to apply their inner realizations into the outer experiences of money, business and beyond. Leisa not only specializes in identifying the core issues holding a person back from optimal living, she knows exactly how to help you overcome them, often within minutes.

“I had been avoiding managing my money and felt strong resistance to making any changes in my life out of fear of dealing with things I did not understand. Mindful Millionaire has been truly transformational because I realized and released a number of patterns that were holding me back and now I feel so much more empowered and excited to start anew. For me, the realizations came at very personal level about who I am and how I have been hiding myself because of fear. Thank you.” - Christina Nesheva



Only $97 for the entire weekend

Friday, January 15th 4pm Pacific Time (90 minute Welcome Ceremony)

Saturday, January 16th - 7 am to 4 pm Pacific Time

Sunday, January 17th - 7 am to 3 pm Pacific Time

With 2 hours of breaks each day for sitting in silence, going for walks, eating lunch.

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