A deep dive coaching process oriented to helping individuals and couples experience fast and profound shifts in their relationship with money. 

It's the perfect program for those seeking immediate results when it comes to turning your financial life around from the inside out. 

The private coaching program includes five key steps:  

  • You'll begin by meeting with Leisa to discuss your goals for the session (30 minutes) so she can provide you with specific questions to answer oriented to help you accessing your own energetic guidance system. This process helps to ensure your deep dive session explores the most meaningful and affecting aspects of your relationship with money.
  • Leisa will review everything you've provided through the exercises and return back to you a summary of the paradigms you've been living within, follow up questions and suggestions for what to focus on during the deep dive session.
  • During your deep-dive 90 minute session with Leisa (virtual through Zoom), you'll learn why your patterns with money have been occurring and then you'll actively remove the roots that have been creating your challenges. As part of uncovering and healing the past, you'll engage in the process of embodied connection into your True Self nature where you experience the perfection of life with absolute acceptance of all that is.
  • As the truth of who you REALLY are appears in greater clarity, Leisa helps you to map out new approaches to money situations that help you create greater traction and success in growing your business, increasing your income, improving your relationships, and growing your prosperity. 
  • After the second session, you'll have time to practice and integrate what you have learned before returning for a 30 - 40 minute follow up session where you can ask questions and deepen your understanding of the tools available to help you reach your highest goals.

One Time INVESTMENT: $895.00 (Individual Rate and $1,250 for couples - including separate deep-dive sessions.)

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What My Past Clients Say

"I have had TONS of therapy, coaching and energy clearing work for over 30 years and I still felt stuck. And frustrated. I had spent an outrageous amount of money and time and knew something was off but I couldn’t figure out how to get to it. By the time I got to Leisa I was really pissed. I am a highly empathic dynamo which means I can have a fiery temper and do not suffer fools, and Leisa was so gracious with me and wasn’t intimidated. I came to her for help about my finances and ultimately the answers I received brought understanding and resolution to every area of my life.  

Leisa was very kind and sweet and respectful when working with me, deeply understanding that she was treading on very vulnerable and sensitive territory. She has a very unique ability to identify, track and follow what is blocking you until it is clearly identified and then cleared. And I mean REALLY cleared.  

What I love about Leisa’s skills is that she sees and understands both the emotional and pragmatic sides of everything. She has high business and financial acumen, along with astute emotional intelligence, so I always leave my sessions with clear, tangible suggestions that I can easily understand and do, that fit my unique style and perceptions.  

I find Leisa to be one of the most emotionally healthy human beings I have ever met. I can always feel and hear in her energy field and her conversations, extremely deep understanding of what’s going on with me, because these are things that she has addressed and cleared within herself. It’s a powerful breath of fresh air to be around her.  

~Marci Lebowitz, Star Designer,

"Leisa Peterson is a brilliant coach. I had some baffling blocks around upleveling my prosperity that all the workshops, healing sessions, coaches and practical financial trainings didn't transform. Leisa immediately zoned in on the root of my blocks, things not in my conscious awareness. When she brought these beliefs to light, I understood and forgave myself for mistakes in my past. We both had tears in our eyes and I immediately knew my finances would begin shifting and I was right!  

What I love about Leisa is that she has a MBA and success as an entrepreneur. She's that rare combination of spiritual wisdom and practical tools. I'm proud to share that Leisa helped me to triple my business and step into a more joyful and mindful relationship with money. And best of all, she's pure heart and filled with compassion that inspires you to feel really safe when sharing the intimate details of your financial life."  

~Terra Christoff, Purpose-inspired Women's Business Coach

"You know when something has to change? You have great certainty and yet you just don’t know the HOW — or you may just be drowning in your life and you don’t know WHAT to change but only that something has to? Make Leisa your first stop to gain insight into what’s going on (guaranteed she’ll find something that surprises you!) Make Leisa your second stop and let her be your guide as you dive in to what has been uncovered and get ready to manifest the marvelous changes that you deserve! Leisa is cheerful, inquisitive, and insightful. She ‘got me’ on a deep level - just what I needed to step up to the next delicious place in my life! Trust Leisa - she’s got your best interests at heart."  

~Janet Allison, Founder, Boys Alive

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