The IPROSPER® Diagnostic Map

How to shed the thoughts that prevent you from creating wealth so you can increase your revenue, keep more of what you earn and learn the keys to the Mindful Millionaire way of being.


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In This Free 3 Page Diagnostic Map, I'll Show You...

  • How to get to the root cause of what's blocking your prosperity so you can stop self-defeating and sabotaging patterns once and for all.
  • What you likely don't know about prosperity and wealth creation and what you can do differently going forward.

  • How to use a framework inspired by the chakras to shed your limiting money beliefs -- and chances are, it's not like anything you've ever seen before!

  • EXPOSED: Secrets sales people don't want you to know that get you to spend money on things that aren't right for where you are in your business.

  • How to make more, save more and invest more so you can build true wealth and prosperity going forward.

And much, much more.


Hi! I'm Leisa Peterson...

The author of The Mindful Millionaire, a CFP® and I help people shed the unconscious thoughts that prevent them from building mindful wealth.

This map, inspired by the chakras, (part of my 7 step wealth and business building process) has been responsible for helping 1,000's of people around the world.

With it, you'll eliminate all the guesswork and will never again be confused about what's blocking your financial success. You'll use it again and again!

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