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I help individuals and couples transform their relationship with money. My proven approach provides an intuitive understanding of what's standing in the way of accomplishing your dreams. If you've ever felt like money is a lot more difficult than it should be, I'd love to speak with you. Financial peace of mind is 100% within your reach.


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A three session bundled coaching package oriented to helping individuals and couples experience fast and profound shifts in their relationship with money -- This is the perfect program for those seeking immediate results when it comes to turning your financial life around from the inside out.

A two session hypnosis process that helps individuals heal from and integrate past life experiences into your present life. Different than other past life regression sessions, this one is focused on changing unexplainable patterns with money.

A 30 day scarcity cleanse to sweep away the chaos and awaken your abundance. Joining the East with the West to create a pathway to wholeness and resolution -- so you can take charge of your money and fully realize your abundance. Great for both individuals and couples.

Business and Strategy Coaching

Ready to stop craving the results you desire and start creating what you most want?

Here we'll focus on upleveling the trajectory of your business by creating a plan to ensure your results are meeting your objectives and your work is aligned with your greatest passion(s). 

iPROSPER™ Transform Your Money Workshop

An 8 step proven money breakthrough system, iPROSPER helps individuals and couples transform their relationship with money over a 90 day period. Empowering participants to create a financial life plan that is aligned with their heart and soul so they can bring their biggest dreams into reality.

iPROSPER™ Money Retreats in Sedona, AZ and Hawaii

A complement to Leisa's iPROSPER workshop -- 4, 5 and 7 day in-person intensives for individuals and couples are offered a few times a year for those wishing to integrate the money breakthrough practices at a deeper level.

Money Breakthrough Speaking Engagements

Leisa is available to speak to your group and audiences about financial planning and money management from the inside out as highlighted in her upcoming book, iPROSPER.

Wealth Coaching

Financial coaching with a twist. Starting from the inside, you'll be reconnecting with the deepest parts of yourself, uncovering and healing the shadows that stand in the way of living your fullest life possible. As a Certified Financial Planner®, Leisa helps you to align your finances with your values and dreams by creating a financial plan customized just for you. Perfect for individuals and couples who wish to become better stewards of earned or inherited money.


"Leisa Peterson is a brilliant coach. I had some baffling blocks around upleveling my prosperity that all the workshops, healing sessions, coaches and practical financial trainings didn't transform. Leisa immediately zoned in on the root of my blocks, things not in my conscious awareness. When she brought these beliefs to light, I understood and forgave myself for mistakes in my past. We both had tears in our eyes and I immediately knew my finances would begin shifting and I was right!  

What I love about Leisa is that she has a MBA and success as an entrepreneur. She's that rare combination of spiritual wisdom and practical tools. I'm proud to share that Leisa helped me to triple my business and step into a more joyful and mindful relationship with money. And best of all, she's pure heart and filled with compassion that inspires you to feel really safe when sharing the intimate details of your financial life." 

~Terra Christoff, Purpose-inspired Women's Business Coach

"You know when something has to change? You have great certainty and yet you just don’t know the HOW — or you may just be drowning in your life and you don’t know WHAT to change but only that something has to? Make Leisa your first stop to gain insight into what’s going on (guaranteed she’ll find something that surprises you!) Make Leisa your second stop and let her be your guide as you dive in to what has been uncovered and get ready to manifest the marvelous changes that you deserve! Leisa is cheerful, inquisitive, and insightful. She ‘got me’ on a deep level - just what I needed to step up to the next delicious place in my life! Trust Leisa - she’s got your best interests at heart." 

~Janet Allison, Founder, Boys Alive

"Every hour I've spent working with Leisa has MOVED me. I didn't just grow exponentially, I've taken quantum leaps and shifted to a completely new space. If you're ready to invest in yourself, working with Leisa is just hands down the best place to put your money.”  

~Jenny Joy, Ruby Red Cleaning 

"We began working with Leisa to gain a better understanding of our relationship with money while we were in the beginning stages of our relationship together. We wanted to release any fears and limiting beliefs around our individual and collective money stories to ensure our partnership was aligned in all ways.  

Leisa’s unique approach to the energy associated with money is refreshing and very powerful. She intuitively gets down to the root of that very dynamic. One of the most profound things we discovered was the way that we were raised and how our parents treated money is directly connected to how we manage and treat money. A lot of our beliefs and spending behaviors also began with our parents demonstration of managing and relating with money. Her questions brought awareness to issues that people normally wouldn’t think of. We learned that we had allowed our money story to define us and that we are the only ones that can rewrite it and begin again.  

Leisa has a gentle loving presence and a fierceness about her that makes for a powerful combination. If you are wanting to heal your own relationship with money and heal yourself in the process, we strongly recommend working with her."

~Tullio Lowd and Tracey Owens, Rememberyourtruth.com


First, I listen.

I’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand you, your challenges, dreams and your goals. Here we’ll focus on what's working with money and what's not and where you want to go next, both personally and professionally.  

Then, we learn.

Next, I'll develop a list of customized money history questions for you to journal and share with me. Your responses will help guide us in our future discussions and allow our conversations to go deep into your past experiences to unearth and release the blocks that keep you from reaching your highest potential.  

Lastly, you thrive.

Following the release of that which is no longer serving you, you'll be ready to create the foundation for a new reality with money. We’ll build upon your strengths, shore up your weaknesses and help you to create a cohesive and comprehensive plan that leads the way to your long term success. 

You deserve nothing less than thriving in all aspects of your life -- together we'll help you get there.

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